The Seven Components of a Healthy Relationship

The Sound Relationship House is a theory that Gottman came up with to help people have happier, more successful relationships with their partners. This model includes seven different components of the "home", starting with love maps as the foundation and ending with creating shared meaning as the attic; the elements in between combine to create what Gottman has proven to be integral parts of a strong and rewarding marriage. By striving to follow this model, couples can often withstand the emergence of the Four Horsemen.

Build Love Maps: How well do you know your spouse’s inner world, worries, stresses, joys, and dreams?

Share Fondness and Admiration:  focuses on the amount of affection and respect within a relationship. Focuses on expressing appreciation for your partner. This step combats contempt.

Turn Towards: State your needs, be aware of your partner's needs. This step emphasizes the importance of the little things of everyday life.

The Positive Perspective: The presence of positive emotions in problem-solving discussions and the success of repair attempts.

Manage Conflict: Managing conflict rather than resolving conflict is essential because disagreements are a natural, functional part of a relationship. Conflict can help us learn how to better understand our spouse.

Make Life Dreams Come True: An environment that encourages each person to be open and honest about dreams, inner thoughts, and life aspirations 

Create Shared Meaning: where our important dreams, narrative, and metaphors about our relationship and family come together.